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Why do dogs like tug of war?

How many times does your lovely canine approach you during the day with a rope in its muzzle?  Very often you work from home and sit at your desk trying to solve a complicated problem and suddenly something presses your leg. It is your dog looking at you with hopeful eyes and a wagging tail. …
Least Barking Dogs

What are the least barking dogs? – 11 dog breeds to know

We all know that all dogs bark, but some dog breeds have a tendency to bark more or less. I have already covered the most barking dogs in my previous post, so now let’s look at the least barking dogs. Read about most barking dogs here. Obviously, there are some other breeds with low or…
How to stop a dog from barking

How to stop a dog from barking – 8 things you must know

Barking is a big thing for any dog owner and it can be good or bad, depending on the situation.  Knowing how to stop a dog from barking is an important part of your dog training and should be included in your daily routine especially for new dogs. It is important to understand that not…
How to prepare for a new puppy

How to prepare for a puppy – 9 must steps to follow

Bringing home a new dog, or especially a puppy, is a big thing and you need to be really prepared for what it can bring. Knowing how to prepare for a puppy can be challenging if you never had a dog before. Your preparations have to start a few weeks before it happens. There are…
Teach your dog to lay down with Capri - Step 1

Teach your dog to Lay Down – great to relax

Knowing how to teach your dog to Lay Down is maybe not super important but definitely useful when you finally want to relax at home while your dog is calm and quiet. When Lay Down command is useful Lay Down command is useful in many life situations. Often your dog is excited when you have…

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