Most barking dog breeds

What are the most barking dog breeds?

Knowing what are the most barking dog breeds is essential when you decide to have a dog. Selecting a dog that is right for you is not only the process of getting the cutest dog breed that you or your family like.

Barking is how dogs communicate and some breeds use it more often than others. Depending on your situation, you normally select a dog for a reason.

There are a few reasons people get a dog:

  • Having  a company – this feature applies to most of the dogs as by nature dogs are very attached to humans
  • Watchdog – if you are feeling not secure in your neighbourhood, this type of dog can give you an alert and scare an intruder
  • Work dog – there are many types of work dogs: assistance, therapy, police, military, detection, search, rescue, and herding dogs.

As you see there are many types of dogs and on top of it, there are many dog breeds that have different barking levels and frequencies.

If you are about to get a dog and check if your selected dog breed is not on the barking ‘black list’ this is the right place for you. So, let see what are the most barking dogs.


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7 most barking dog breeds


Pomeranians are very small dogs with huge personalities. They are the smallest member of the Spitz family. 

They are intelligent and loyal to their family. Their personality is curious and inquisitive. Pomeranians think they are bigger than they look, so often they bark or chase even bigger dogs.

They are loud barkers making them excellent watchdogs. Sometimes, they bark so enthusiastically they don’t know how to stop. This can be really annoying. 

Thus, once you are the owner of Pomeranian, the first thing would be to train them how to not bark.

Most barking dog breeds - Pomeranian
Most barking dog breeds – Pomeranian


Chihuahuas are small, comical and entertaining dogs. They have a quite eccentric personality often unmatched by any other breed. 

Often people think of chihuahuas as nasty little creatures that bite, but that’s not entirely true. They are also known as persistent barkers, but that really depends on what genes they inherited from their parents. 

People love and breed their chihuahuas even they don’t behave well. When that happens, their puppies inherit the same behaviour and the process goes on.

On the contrary, others treat their little pets like a doll, caring it everywhere causing the dog to feel unsafe to walk along and be among other people or dogs.

If you like this breed, don’t be put off. Make sure you get one, from a known breeder, check parents history and most importantly treat the chihuahuas properly. Teach it to walk on its own feet, and do some basic training and you will get a peaceful Chihuahuas that bark only if it needs.

We were camping at Laura Dance Festival, and unknowingly we set our camp next to a man in the caravan and five chihuahuas. Interestingly, all five dogs behaved properly. During the day, they were sitting behind the dog fence and twice a day the man took them for a walk.

We were surprised. They were really well-behaved dogs.

Most barking dog breeds - Chihuahua
Most barking dog breeds – Chihuahua

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies are true lapdogs. Originally they came from Scotland and later were brought to Yorkshire. Most of the terriers like to chase anything that moves and announce strangers with a sharp bark.

Barking problem, similarly to chihuahuas, often comes when terriers are not treated properly. They are small and cuddly but they are animals and they have their needs to play and rest. 

People like to cuddle them or hold them on their lap. You can do it, but not all the time!

If you do proper training with your new terrier and do an obedience course right in the beginning, you may raise a very good non-barking friend.

When treated sensibly most Yorkies are lively and inquisitive liking to spend much of their time running around the house or yard.

Most barking dog breeds - Yorkshire Terriers
Most barking dog breeds – Yorkshire Terriers

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky are not barkers at all! So, why they are here?

Instead of barking huskies are notorious howlers. They do enjoy howling a lot. This can be really irritating, not only for the family but for your neighbours too. 

Huskies are very social and they love everybody. This makes them unable to be a good watchdog as they are not even overly suspicious of strangers or burglars.

Also, they are pack dogs so they need someone who is a true leader in the group. It can be a good thing in training as the husky will obey your rules faster as you are the leader of the pack.

Lastly, they need to exercise. If you leave the husky in the apartment for the whole day, you may not recognize it after your return.

In summary, huskies are great companions and will give you a good friendship. Don’t expect them to guard the house as they don’t know how to hate strangers. Let them run every day and do obstacle courses so after they return home they will not chew on your furniture.

Most barking dog breeds - Siberian Husky
Most barking dog breeds – Siberian Husky

Fox Terriers

Fox Terriers are bold and energetic dogs and they love to play with children. Usually, they are very loyal to their family but don’t like other dogs around and they engage in a fight if needed.

They have big confidence and like exploring the area. If you live your Fox Terrier in the backyard, it might dig its way out, so often check the parameter. 

They are long-living dogs usually reaching fifteen years old. Also, because of their small size, they fit everywhere so taking it for a camping trip or long drive is not a problem.

Also, Fox Terriers are intelligent, so they are good in training. They learn tricks quickly as they are full of stamina that has to be utilized. If they are not exercised enough, it may lead to some destructive behaviour like nuisance barking, chewing or digging. 

They are excellent watchdogs. You should feel comfortable in your home knowing that your Fox Terrier is around alarming you if any intruder is around.

Most barking dog breeds - Fox Terriers
Most barking dog breeds – Fox Terriers

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer is a small dog with a big heart. It is incredibly loyal but requires a great deal of attention. 

This breed is also very intelligent and they learn quickly. Often you can see miniature Schnauzers in obedience and agility courses and competitions.  

However, they could be very stubborn. Their best way to avoid your attention is to pretend that it does not hear you. Digging is what they love to do. 

In regards to barking, they are noisy. It is due to they are very protective of home and family and they bark event at slight noises. This makes them excellent watchdogs, too. If someone is outside the house, you are assured you know about it.

Most barking dog breeds - Miniature Schnauzer
Most barking dog breeds – Miniature Schnauzer

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terriers are sturdy, shaggy-coated intelligent and confident dogs. This type is always alert and ready for anything, but on the other side, it is a sensitive dog, too.

Like other terriers, the Cairn is very intelligent and can learn almost every trick dog can learn. 

They love to chase anything that moves, and for this reason, it should only be walked in public places on a leash.

Most barking dog breeds - Cairn Terrier
Most barking dog breeds – Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is a family dog, and he needs to live inside the house or apartment. He would be unhappy if left alone for too long without family. He must be loved!

When unhappy, the Cairn Terrier could be destructive and annoying with nuisance barking, digging or chewing.

What to do if you have a barking dog?

Dogs bark because they want to communicate with you. If the barking happens for a reason that is more than acceptable. We all know that dogs bark.

The real problem comes when dogs bark excessively. This can be a big problem. It can be a few reasons why dogs bark more than enough.

Breed predisposition

Indeed some breeds are more prone to bark and I listed the seven breeds above. However, it is not that simple. If you get a dog and start training it in proper manners, you can achieve great results and the super barking breed becomes an alerted friend that bark to warn you.

Improper care

As I mentioned with Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers, improper care could be destructive in the long go. 

Dogs are animals and they should be treated respectfully and give proper care.

Busy surroundings

If you live in a busy neighbourhood and have a watchdog breed, it is not much you can do, except intensive training from the moment they start living with.

The key to success in caring for a dog is always good, consistent training. Even the ‘bad barking’ breed can be taught to lessen their barking and use it only at the right moment.

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