Queen Capri is a special place where you find anything related to dogs.

We strongly believe that dogs are human best friends forever.

Dogs are always loyal and make good company. We have 30 years of experience as dog owners with many different breeds. The posts and answers are based on our personal experience and careful research conducted in the dogs’ community. Please contact us if you have any questions even if it is odd one.


Why do dogs like sticks? – 5 important reasons

How often you have taken your dog for a walk, and immediately when letting off the leash, your dog finds and brings a new trophy – stinky, mouldy, forest stick.  Why…

Why do dogs lick your ears? – 5 good reasons

Ear licking is strange behaviour for humans but dogs do it often. Some people like it and some think it is disgusting as it leaves some saliva on your ears and…

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