Teach your dog to lay down with Capri - Step 1

Teach your dog to Lay Down – great to relax

Knowing how to teach your dog to Lay Down is maybe not super important but definitely useful when you finally want to relax at home while your dog is calm and quiet.

When Lay Down command is useful

Lay Down command is useful in many life situations. Often your dog is excited when you have someone visiting your house or you pay a visit to your friends with your dog.

You can say Lay Down command and your dog know that this is also a ‘be quiet’ command. By laying down dogs don’t usually bark and they stay calmer.

When you are at home they can lay down on their bed which brings them some comfort.


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Simple steps to teach your dog to Sit

Our goal: Your dog drops to rest on its belly.

  • Face your sitting dog and have a treat in your hand
  • Give the treat when the dog’s elbows touch the floor
  • Practise a few time with a treat and later use an empty hand and give the treat only when it lays down
  • Next time, say ‘down’ and get your hand closer to your dog nose and move it slowly downwards

With our Queen Capri that was not easy exercise as she immediately dropped on her back for some reason. It took us some time before she learned the trick.

I hate Lay Down as it makes me to be calm. I am a border collie and I like to run! Instead, I prefer to watch my friend labrador who is a well known magician?

His name is labrabacadadbrador!

Queen Capri

Teach your dog to Lay Down – relaxing while your dog is quiet

Indeed, it is important to tell your dog to be quiet and stay calm. Often your dog will get excited and it is difficult to calm it down.

Lay down is one of the calming commands that also can be used in conjunction with the On Your Bad command to give you some time for rest.


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