Teach your dog to Sit with Capri

Teach your dog to Sit – 1st essential command

Knowing how to teach your dog to Sit should be your first command as it is quite easy. Also, Sit command is a base for other commands you teach your dog in the future.

Why Sit command is important

Sit command is important and without learning it your dog will not be able to do other, more difficult commands in the future.

Many other dog commands start for the dog’s sitting position. For instance, in the Stay command, you ask your dog to Sit first and Stay for some time before you say your release word.


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Simple steps to teach your dog to Sit

Our goal: Dog sits on its hind legs until released.

  • Position yourself in front of your dog.
  • Keep a treat in your hand a little bit higher than your dog’s head
  • Move your hand with a treat slowly behind the dogs head, this should force your dog to put its head up and its back on the floor.
  • At the moment it happens say ‘yes!’ and reward it.
  • Practice it a few times and once the dog understands the logic start rewarding it only if keeps sitting position.

Practise this command daily and you will see progress in a week or two. Be consistent, don’t raise your voice and reward your dog immediately after the trick.  

We ask Capri to sit every time we cross the road on her daily walk.

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Queen Capri

Best ways to practice the Sit command

Learning Sit command in-home environment is easy but maintaining good quality sitting is another. The best way your dog adjust to your newly learned Sit command is while doing your dog’s daily routine tasks.

So, where can you practice your Sit command?

Waiting for master

A typical method to practice Sit command is while you leave your dog in front of the shop or while you visit amenities in your camping trip.

A well-behaved dog will sit correctly until its master returns.

Crossing the road

In my opinion, this is the most important time you should practise your Sit command, especially when your dog is young.

Roads are very dangerous and if your dog enters the road without your knowledge or permission it may end up with a fatal injury.

Teaching your dog to Sit at the moment you approach the road, right at the edge is crucial.

We often walk Capri on a long, nine-meter leash, so she has some freedom in her movements. The moment she reaches the road we call Sit.

Now, she learned how to do it, but in the past, she was often so distracted and happy to be on the walk that we had to repeat the command.

All times while doing other tricks

Sit command is a base for other commands like Stay, Lay Down,  Beg, Shake or Touch. As a result, learning Sit command is a must before advancing any further in your dog training.

Teach your dog to Sit – humans are the worst

The biggest obstacle in your dog training, whether it is Sit or any other command, is us, humans. It is very important to be patient, consistent and persistent in what we are doing.

Often, we tend to let go, do a slight modification to the trick and it causes your dog confusion and makes your dog unable to do the trick.

If your dog does not perform to your expectation, don’t reward it, reset its position and try again. Only if it does it right, reward it accordingly.


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