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Whippet Border Collie mix – intelligent and energetic

Whippet Border Collie mix is a very interesting combination of collies’ intelligent herding and racing and hunting capabilities of whippets. This mix is lovable by many people as they are incredibly energetic, sweet and charming dogs.

Both breeds are affectionate and loving, but by mixing them together you get a stubborn, willing to please Border Collie with snuggling, and non-barking Whippet. But, as all mixes are different, you never know how much of each dog breed you get as a result.

Read on and learn all you know before getting your special Border Collie Whippet mix.

Border Collie description

Border Collie is a dog breed that has unlimited energy, stamina and working appetite which makes it one of the best herding dogs. 

The breed was developed to control sheep on hilly paddocks in Scotland and England. While herding, they have this special ‘stare’ to intimidate the sheep and make them go in the right direction.

In Australia, they are used in mustering to control the cattle and they do a really good job.

It is a very intelligent dog breed. They are happy to be trained being consistently engaged with their master. If you have one don’t hesitate to sign up your Border Collie for obedience or agility class or use a reputable online course. 

If you engage them with flyball, tracking of flying disc exercise you will have the happiest dog on the planet.

Finally, Border Collies are great family companions. However, due to their hyperactivity, you have to give them enough exercise.

Whippet description

Whippet is a hunting dog designed to catch rabbits or other small mammals. These days, you often see them running agility courses, lure coursing and rallies. They are also great therapy dogs.

It is a very unique and friendly dog breed with a stylish and elegant look, similar to a Greyhound, but smaller. Because of their friendliness, and the fact they hardly ever bark they are not a good watchdog at all.

You can live with Whippet in an apartment, but similar to the Border Collies, you have to give them enough exercise to burn their energy.

Whippet vs. Border Collie – distinctive features comparison

As described above, we already see that both dog breeds are super energetic and like to exercise a lot, but what other distinctive features do these two breeds share or differ to make this such an interesting mix?

Here we considered only features that are really important in understanding both breeds and resulting mix from Whippet and Border Collie.

FeatureBorder CollieWhippet
Breed TypePurebreedPurebreed
Is HypoallergenicNoNo
Lifespan12-15 years12-15 years
Family FriendlyVery goodVery good
Children FriendlyGoodVery good
Pet FriendlyGoodVery good
Stranger FriendlyGoodVery good
EnvironmentBorder CollieWhippet
Small/Medium BackyardYesNo
Large BackyardYesYes
Excercise LevelVery HighMedium-High
Grooming NeedsMediumLow
FeatureBorder CollieWhippet
TemperamentInteligent, Energetic, LoyalFriendly, Affectionate, Quiet
Easy to TrainVery EasyEasy
BarkingAverageVery Low
Watchdog AbilityOutstandingLow
Service DogYesNo
Therapy DogYesNo

Source: Dogell 

Whippet Border Collie mix description

Whippet Collies, or Collie Whips, as they are usually called, are a mix of pure breeds of collies and whippets. Naturally, it is expected that the mix is more intelligent than Whippet, due to their Border Collie parent.

The primary reason to breed Border Collie was herding sheep and cattle. On the other hand, Whippet’s main goal was racing and hunting.

These days the Collie Whips are family dogs that participate in various family and training activities.

Whippet Collies are gentle, friendly, low barking, sensitive, intelligent, and very energetic dogs (a common feature of both breeds).

They are very adorable and loved by many people.


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Typical day with a Collie Whip

I can answer this question from my perspective as Capri is our beautiful Collie Whip so you get first-hand information.

When we adopted Capri we thought she was scared of water. Her first introduction to water in our house was with the swimming pool. She was curious to enter but due to our pool is very deep she never did as she was scared. 

We actually made a mistake, by showing her a swimming pool, instead of a shallow creek.

Read more about do Border Collies like water.

Whippet Border Collie mix - Capri loves water
Whippet Border Collie mix – Capri loves water

Only, the next summer, we went to the creek and we discovered she loves water so much. Especially, chasing the sticks we throw in the water, swimming or just playing. She can do it all day.

Weekday with Whippet Collie

We work all week, but due to Covid, we both stay home at least 2 days a week. On a weekday, we cannot go with Capri to the park in the morning. The only option for us between Monday and Friday is to exercise her in the backyard.

We both work with the computer, so Capri constantly begs with her beautiful eyes or her muzzle on my lap that it is time to go out and throw her a ball. 

This happens at least 3 to 4 times before 4 pm when we finally jump in the car and go to the park for a 1-hour exercise.

This includes frisbee and ball throwing. Recently we discovered a tennis wall where we play hide and seek.

When she runs, we can observe her ‘Whippet’ part as she is super fast.

Whippet Border Collie mix - Capri loves catching the ball
Whippet Border Collie mix – Capri loves catching the ball

Capri is also very intelligent and sometimes she uses her initiative, takes a ball, and hides behind the wall. When I want to get it, she goes to the other end.

This part of her genetics is definitely taken from her Border Collie parent.

Whippet Border Collie mix -Playing hide and seek - this time I had a ball
Whippet Border Collie mix -Playing hide and seek – this time I had a ball

Weekend with Whippet Collie

On weekends we have all time to each other, so we usually go to the creek so Capri can have a good swim. After that, we have a half an hour ball chasing and hide and seek behind the tennis wall.

In the afternoon, we have usual running and ball chasing at 4 pm. We can see that on the weekends she is much happier as we spend more valuable time with her.

In summary, our Whippet Collie is a quiet, hardly barking (she only barks during playing), adorable, beautiful, intelligent dog and we can recommend Border Collie Whippet mix to everyone who likes energetic and smart dogs.

What other people say about Collie Whips

I asked other dog owners what their Collie Whips are like and below you have the most interesting answers.

Whippet Border Collie mix - Bemo

BeMo is a 3/4 border collie and 1/4 whippet. I love his athleticism and speed. He gives 100% in all sports but has a fantastic off switch at home. He always gets compliments on his structure. He is such a loving, sweet teammate. He loves agility and dock diving, followed by a close second with lure coursing. He has dabbled in barn hunt as well and will probably do more of that later in life. He is on the smaller side at 19″ and 30 lbs. Love this little man!

Whippet Border Collie mix - Crew

This is one of our Flyball teammates Crew and his owner Gayle. This BC Whippet is a sweet little fireball in the Flyball lanes! Boise FlyDogs is thrilled to have such talent.

Whippet Border Collie mix - Crew

Our Cookie was a Collie Whippet. She was as smart as a full collie as she had the stalking and drop to the floor and she would herd her pack when we were together and she was as fast as a whippet and loved to chill out with us as was a loving caring total crackpot. Cookie was a very well behaved girl and travelled thousands of miles with us and loved exploring new places and enjoyed playing on the beach and in the sea. Cookie mixed okay with other dogs and loved a game of chase and most couldn’t keep up with her Cookie loved to snuggle up on the sofa and never left my side when I wasn’t well. She was a brilliant house dog she sounded much bigger than she was and unknown people who came to the house were very wary of her when I answer the door. She was a very gentle dog and loved a game of rough and tumble.


Border Collie Whippet mix – should you adopt one?

Professional dog breeders don’t recommend Border Collies or Whippet to first-time pet owners. These two pure breeds are usually stubborn and required a big backyard and a lot of exercise.

Border Collies bond with their owners very closely so they would not be happy if left alone at home for too long. Whippets, on the other hand, may even cry, and whine when left unattended.

I would not recommend this mix if you live it in an apartment and you have limited mobility as this mix is very agile and energetic.

With mixes, you don’t know how many features of each pure breed you get. The best thing is to look for a rescue puppy, pay a visit, see how it reacts. By the time you go home, you could make your decision already.

In our case, we had to drive 100 km to the foster home to see Capri. She welcomed us with a waving tail and beautiful eyes. Already after 5 minutes, she set on my lap eating chicken. 

I knew already – Capri is my girl, so we adopted her. It was one of the best decisions of our life.


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